DMPK & Bioanalytical

A. Small Molecules

B. Large Molecules

C. Discovery/Preclinical

D. Controlled substances

E. Biomarkers

F. Assays

LC-MS is tool for the characterization of chemical degradents and impurities. By understanding the structures and sources of related substances during early development, there is ample time to improve various processes, including API manufacturing, formulation and product process development.Based on the complexity of the molecule we perform additional analyses, if the number of potential related substances exceeds the number of peaks (multiple co-eluting peaks) or because reasonable structures cannot be proposed based on collected data.

Method development — whether you just have powder or a basic method

Non-GLP discovery analyses — getting good results fast, for internal use

Method validation consistent with EMEA and FDA guidelines

Method transfer capabilities — cloning your method to our lab without change, regardless of LC-MS platform in your lab

High throughput regulated sample analyses for preclinical and clinical studies

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