HDH Pharma’s Hybrid Operation: Effective Service for Our Clients

At HDH Pharma, we are committed to offering our clients the highest quality research services with the most convenient and effective communications from both US and Indian operations. Clients in the Americas and Europe can pick up the phone and speak directly with our scientists in the US. Clients in Asia can receive the same rapid response from our scientists in India. 

HDH’s hybrid operation is designed with our client’s operational needs in mind. 

Project & Process Management

Unlike most competitors from the developing economy we offer project facilitation from RTP, NC. Our understanding of Western and Indian business culture allows us to overcome the frustrations that can occur in day-to-day interactions.

We understand the need for effective and timely communications and have worked very hard at providing relevant and timely communications. Firstly you will receive a status report on a two weekly cycle and a progress milestone chart showing visual progress of the program of work. We also provide the weekly and daily plan of work of each scientist working on the project and a report of the progress against the weekly and daily plans in what must genuinely be the most transparent project management system in the world.

Nothing in life and that includes chemistry can be guaranteed to work on time. However we have made every possible effort to understand and map the processes in our business, which define the speed and success of your project to reduce the variability and eliminate bottlenecks.


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