Chemical R&D

HDH Pharma’s fully integratedchemistry teams are suited for a wide range of projects including discovery,medicinal and development chemistry in project-based or Full-Time Equivalents(FTE)-based contract Custom Synthesis 

HDH Pharma’s scientists providecustomers with high quality process chemistry and manufacturing services. Theseinclude non-GMP and GMP synthesis of advanced intermediates and API’s, in up tomulti-kilograms’ quantities, large-scale chiral separations, new routediscovery and development, manufacturing route optimization, identification ofoptimal API salts and polymorphs, and API crystallization process development.Our expertise in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery enables us to assistour partners in moving seamlessly from project conceptualization to the clinicon time and on budget. 

1.Medicinal Chemistry

2.Discovery Chemistry

3.Process Chemistry

4.Custom Synthesis


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